Wood for musical instruments

Wood used in the manufacture of musical instruments in Cambodia.

  • anhchéy: or, more correctly lêang céy; this name covers two species: Buchanania reticulata Hance and Buchanania siamense Mig. (Anacardiaceae)
  • beng : Afzelia xylocarpa Craib (Caesalpiniaceae).

  • khnor nang : Artocarpus integra (Thunb.) Merr. It is the variety bearing fruit with firm flesh
  • neang nuon : Four species of equal quality can be used : Dalbergia lanceolaria L., Dalbergia dongnaiensis Pierre, Dalbergis mammosa Pierre, Dalbergia bariensis Pierre.
  • kranhung : Several species of the genus Dalbergia are used, particularly: Dalbergia cochinchinensis Pierre
, Dalbergia cambodiana Pierre (Papilionaceae), whose wood was formerly reserved for the needs of the king.

  • krâkâh : Sindora maritima Pierre or 
Sindora cochinchinensis Baill.
  • krasang: Feroniella lucida (Scheff.) Swingle. (Caesalpiniaceae).
  • roluoh : Erulhrina orientalis (L.) Merl'. (Papilionaceae).

  • sâmraong : There are several sâmraong in Cambodia but only one is used seems to be used for musical instruments: Sterculia foetida L. (Sterculiaceae).
  • trâyoeung : Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco var. helferi (C. B. Clarke) Bakh.


* All information from the footnotes of Jacques Brunet in "L'orchestre de mariage cambodgien et ses instruments" In: Bulletin de l'Ecole française d'Extrême- Orient. Tome 66, 1979. pp. 203-254.