Fiddle with resonator(s)

Last update: December 5, 2023

The resonator fiddle comes in two forms: with a cylindrical bamboo body or a flat wooden body. The one in this picture is played by the Tampuon of the Banlung region (Ratanakiri). It is called kaneu or kaney. The fingerboards are carved into the structure of the neck. It has a steel string (the strand of a bicycle brake cable) and two resonators, one made of gourd, the other made of a section of bamboo on which a plastic film is stretched. From the center of this membrane comes a taut wire, connected to the base of the play rope. This ingenious device is acoustically very effective, relegating the gourd to the rank of a decorative object! The rope is rubbed with a bamboo bow, without hair, coated with vegetable resin.

Bamboo body fiddle

Leun Chuong village on December 26, 2010.

Musician: Prenhs Kham, 31 years old.

The instrument is made of a bamboo body fitted into a wooden foot. It has two resonators: a calabash and a metal tube with a plastic membrane at one end.

Wood body fiddle

Yaklom Lake Museum, Banlung, March 2012.

The kaneu fiddle is integrated into a set of twelve gongs. The additional resonator, made from an iron can, proves its effectiveness against the powerful gongs. This ensemble now performs at folklore events.