Below are some links to Angkorian, post-Angkorian and traditional Khmer orchestras.


Old orchestras : generalities

Angkorian string orchestras

> Angkor Vat string orchestras (in progress) 

> Bayon string orchestras (in progress) 


Angkorian martial orchestras

> Martial orchestras of Angkor Wat (in progress)

> Khmer's martial orchestras in Bayon

> Cham's martial orchestras in Bayon


Post-Angkorian and traditional Khmer orchestras

> Post-Angkorian orchestras from the 16th century onwards (in progress)

> The kantoam ming funeral orchestra

> Khlang thneak funeral orchestra (in progress)

> Phleng arak fresco at Wat Reach Bo

> Pin peat orchestra (in progress)