Bamboo chime

Last update: May 9, 2021

The bamboo chime is in a way the poor man's set of gongs. In the past, young people used to practice it in the forest before daring to play the bronze gongs. This is even more understandable when one knows that gongs are sacred instruments that cannot be struck at all and that they generally belong to the rich families of the village. Their access is therefore restricted.

As with the gong ensemble, this is indeed a single instrument, split between four musicians. 


Filmed on February 11, 2010. Five musicians rehearse in their village the exploded carillon of five bamboos.

Filmed on February 10, 2010. Four musicians of the Minority Art ensemble rehearse in their village the exploded carillon of seven bamboos.



This sequence presents bamboo cutting in the forest, the bamboo chime making and its playing by the Kreung people of Ratanakiri.

Sequence shot in the Kreung village of Kro Pou.


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