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Message de Son Altesse Royale la Princesse Norodom Buppha Devi Foreword by Her Royal Highness Princess Norodom Buppha Devi

Mr. Patrick Kersalé is an ethnomusicologist and archeo-musicologist. For the last twenty-five years, he has conducted research in many countries of Europe, Africa and Asia.

He has notably brought a new vision on the musical instruments used by the ancient Khmer people between the seventh and the sixteenth century.
Through the exhibition "Sounds of Angkor", Patrick Kersalé allows us to better understand the Khmer music of ancient times, its symbolism and its use by a population whose lifestyles are gradually revealed to the public.
Through a method of photographic analysis of Angkorian bas-reliefs, the author analyzed the origin and function of ancient Khmer musical instruments in a precise manner. This enables him to highlight the details that were invisible to the naked eye. Thus he makes us discover unpublished information, answering many questions, filling wide gaps, and setting aside some preconceived ideas.
The scientific approach of Mr. Patrick Kersalé does not end there, since his experimentation has been taken further to the reconstitution of several of those instruments that were missing. He has offered our young artisans, musicians and composers the possibility to reclaim a musical heritage that is an integral part of the historical and cultural diversity of Cambodia.

I would like to express my warmest congratulations to Mr Patrick Kersalé for his unique contribution to Khmer studies, and for his dedication to a passion that he knows how to communicate eloquently. (…)



Alliance Française Siem Reap: Serge Bellini
Apsara Authority, Cambodia

British Museum, London

Cambodian Living Arts: Arn Chorn-Pond, Charley Todd, Phloeun PrimSong Seng, Phina So, Rina Roeun, Sochea Khoeut 

Champasak Historical Heritage Museum, Pakse, Laos

EFEO Chiang Mai: Louis Gabaude

EFEO Bangkok: Pierre Pichard

EFEO Phnom PenhBertrand Porte

EFEO Siem Reap: Brice Vincent, Dominique Soutif, Sreyneath Meas, Pascal Royère


Institut Français du Cambodge: Olivier Planchon, Borin Kor

IRASEC: Jérémy Jammes

Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia: Phoeurng Sackona, Hab Touch, Yun Theara

Musée de la Musique, ParisPhilippe Bruguière

Musée national des arts asiatiques, Paris

National Bangkok Museum, Thailand

National Museum of Cambodia: Kong Vireak, Samnang HuotSocheat Chea

Sorbonne Université

Rosewood Phnom Penh

Royal Academy of Cambodia

Senate of Cambodia: Siphar Le Bonheur

The Siam Society, Bangkok: Kanitha Kasina-Ubol 

UNESCO Phnom Penh: Anne Lemaistre, Blaise Kilian, Hong Makara, Philippe Delanghe, Santosh Khatri 

Université Paris-SorbonneFrançois Picard

Instrument makers / Luthiers

* = photo below / photo ci-dessous


Éric Stocker, France/Cambodia, Siem Reap (natural lacquer, gold leaf)*

Kra Chi, Cambodia, Siem Reap (Jew's harp)

Keo Sonan Kavei, Cambodia, Phnom Penh (harps, xylophones, gong chimes)

Kiran Kazi Shakya, Nepal, Kathmandu (trumpets, conches)

Kranh Sela, Cambodia, Phnom Penh (harps)

Lam Duon, Cambodia, Banlung (drums, horns)*

Leng Pohy, Authentic Khmer sculpture, Cambodia, Siem Reap (harps, chapei)*

Neh Pheun, Cambodia, Banlung (vegetal fibers)

Philippe Brousseau, Jayav'art, Cambodia, Siem Reap (acrylic lacquer)*

Sat Sim, Cambodia, Siem Reap (wood carver)

Serge Rega, Khmer ceramic, Cambodia, Siem Reap (conches made of clay)

So Theary, Cambodia, Siem Reap (drums)

Sochea Aep, Cambodia, Siem Reap (bronze instruments)

Sok Houen, Cambodia, Phnom Penh (drums, harps, zithers)

Sopheak Suon, Cambodia, Phnom Penh (flutes, monochord zithers, oboe)

Sopheap Khmer, Cambodia, Siem Reap (bronze instruments)

Ta Tham, Vietnam, Hanoi (cymbals)

Tech Sarin, Cambodia

Thean Nga & Poan, Cambodia, Siem Reap (harps, zithers, fiddles, lutes, horns, and more)*

Ron, Cambodia, Phnom Penh (drums)

Facebook / Bobinoscope

In development / En cours d'élaboration

Musicians and artists / Musiciens et artistes

Chak Samnang, Chak Sinon, Chen Sopheak, Chun Sovann, Hoeun Hon, Hun Hak, Huon Konsot, Iem Vichet, Ing Van Na, Ket Kumpheak, Konh Nai (master), Leap Mao, Vanh Moeun (master), Ly Luch, Men Kruoch, Men Man, Men Pheakdei, Men Sreimau, Men Volea, Moeun Mean, Moeun Saman, Nattapann Nuch-ampann (Thailand), Ngam Ratanak, Nheb Phon, Ny Les, Ny Samnang, Pon Pong, Pon Ruan, Pong Pon, Prak Eng Lean, Pring Pree, Pring Prom, Proeung Chhieng (master), Run Ruth, Sarath, Sok Pheak, Sok Phi, Sophan Chean (master), Srei Pik, Tep Nimet, Tok Yon, Tuong Tey, Ty Chean (master), Vay Chun, Vay Savin 1, Vay Savin 2, Vay Savon

Researchers / Chercheurs

An Raksmey, Cambodia

Anant Narkkong, Thailand

Ang Choulean, Cambodia

Catherine Basset, France

Đàm Quang Minh, Vietnam

Francis Engelmann, Laos

Gérard Diffloth, France

Gérard Maitrepierre, France

Jacques de Guerny, France

Katia Légeret, France

Keo Narom, Cambodia

Marylou Cler, France

Noel Hidalgo Tan, Thailand

Phalika Ngin, Cambodia

Stéphanie Khoury, France

Trent Walker, USA

Trịnh Sinh, Vietnam

Viengkeo Souksavatdy, Laos

Other collaborators and friends / Autres collaborateurs et amis

Andy de Ville d'Avray, France/Cambodia

Barang Pong, logistics, Cambodia

Brasith, translater, Cambodia

Benjamin Simao, instrument making adviser, France

Brigitte Blot, writer, proofreader, France

Chun Seath, logistics, Cambodia

Élaine Selmanot, alias Garuda's eye, France/Cambodia

Éric Raisina, Cambodia

Françoise Gouezou, Cambodia/France

Late Her Royal Highness Princess Norodom Buppha Devi, Cambodia

His Royal Highness Prince Sisowath Tesso, Cambodia

Jean Morel, Cambodia/France

Jean-Baptiste Chevance, researcher, France/Cambodia

Jean-Pascal Vitto, designer, France/Cambodia

Jon de Rule, Bambu Stage, UK/Cambodia

Katia Kolobaeva, medium, Russia/Cambodia

Madeleine de Langalerie, France/Cambodia

Marie-Laurence Bon, France/Cambodia

Mansi Pal, photographer, India/Cambodia

Muy Kimsoung, logistics, Cambodia

Nathalie Brun, France/Cambodia

Nick Coffill, Bambu Stage, designer, Australia/Cambodia

Oum Sophea Pheach, Golden Silk Pheach, Cambodia

Patrick Gourlay, France/Cambodia

Patrick Jouhaud, doctor, France/Cambodia

Peter Dunstan, logistics, Australia/Nepal/Cambodia
Phan Thanh Huyên, France

Picheth Seng, Cambodia

Pranamya Suri, India/USA
Preah Mohavimol Tham Pin Sem, Wat Reach Bo, Siem Reap

Quynh Dunstan, logistics, Cambodia

Ramesh Adhikari, Superstar Cargo, Nepal

Régine Fischer, proofreader, France

Rémi Abad, journalist, France/Cambodia

Rita Maharjan, logistics, Népal

Sam Leakhena, logistics, Cambodia

Late Saveros Pou, linguist, France/Cambodia

Shiva Raj Parajuli, logistics, Nepal

Sopheak Sun, translater, Cambodia

Sophie Ferry, France/Cambodia

Sopheap, Wat Reach Bo, Siem Reap

Sok Ly, seamstress, Cambodia

Sylvia Mohr, Swiss/Cambodia

Tan Ngim Kheak, architect, Cambodia

Thon Nevath Pou, translater, Cambodia

Va Anna, translater, Cambodia

Vou Thip alias Chico, logistics, Cambodia

Yann Minh Kersalé, 3D development, France


60 Road studios, Ian Croft, Siem Reap

Adriano Dennhardt, Cambodia

Apsara Theater, Guillaume Ruppin, Siem Reap

Apemutam, Lionel Dieu, France

Cambodian Living Arts, Cambodia

Christian Didier Michel, Swiss/Cambodia

Delphine Fabbri-Lawson, France

Emeritus Master Yun Longzi, Singapore

Éric Llopis, France

Golden Silk Pheach, Cambodia

Inspiration Cambodia, Claire Massart, Cambodia

Jacques de Guerny, France

Lok Chumteav Seang Chanheng, Cambodia

Samatoa Lotus Textiles, Awen Delaval, Siem Reap

Syrinx Academy, France

Theam's Gallery, Theam & Maddy Lim, Siem Reap