The Angkorian epigraphy reveals certain terms directly linked or related to dance, in Old Khmer and Sanskrit. We compile them below. They are extracted from 'An Old Khmer - French - English dictionary' by Saveros Pou and 'Héritage du sanskrit - Dictionnaire sanskrit-français' by Gérard Huet (Version 3.03 - November 14, 2017).

Camb.  / Cambodia
Kh.XIe / Old Khmer of the eleventh century
Md / Khmer Modern
Mi / Middle

p.a. / Pre-angkorian Khmer
Sk. / Sanskrit

Actor (male or female): nātaka

Ballet, group of dancers: rapam, rapaṃ p.a.; peṭaka (multitude, company, group); pedānātaka rpam, pedānātta rpam p.a.

Dance: rnaṃ Kh.XIe

Dance hall: kralā rāṃ Kh.XIIe

Dancer, actor: kārakan kārika, kārin Sk. (actor); kāri Kh.X-XIe

Dancer (male or female): rmāṃ, ramaṃ p.a.; rmāṃ, rmmāṃ Kh.Xe

To dance: raṃ p.a ; rāṃ Kh.X-XIIe Md

Stick (of dancer): raṇamardana Sk.; raṇamarddaṇa ta rmmāṃ (dancer stick) Kh.XIe; raṇamardda Kh.Xe